The VASSAR Color Guard, Triad Highlanders, and the 2nd North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line were on hand to help the Col. George Waller Chapter commemorate the life and mark the grave of James Johnston.  Johnston was a sergeant of dragoons that served as one of George Washington's Life Guards, personally interacting directly with Washington and at times with Lafayette. Members of the Johnston family came from as far away as Kentucky and Tennessee to attend the ceremony.

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The VASSAR Grave Database (VGD) is developed and maintained by Lance Lyngar, using the grave spreadsheet compiled by Mike Lyman. Please note there will be times that the VGD does not match the spreadsheet when new updates are applied.

The Revolutionary War Graves Committee provides oversight and guidance to Chapters wishing to mark the graves of Revolutionary War Soldiers or Patriots, and for those wishing to register the burial places of Revolutionary War Soldiers or Patriots.

The General Assembly's Joint Legislative Audit Review Committee (JLARC) published a booklet several years ago containing the names of thousands of Revolutionary War soldiers and patriots buried in Virginia.  That list, however, was not complete.  Chairman Mike Lyman has prepared a list of Revolutionary War Graves in Virginia (not appearing in the JLARC report) that you can use as a resource tool in determining if there are any graves in your Chapter's immediate area.  A list of the sources for this information is also available.  The three documents described above can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below.  The JLARC Report and Mike's supplement thereto has been combined into one expanded spreadsheet. (See attached) This spreadsheet, when the data has been filled in will be converted to paragraphs and will provide the main portion of a future VASSAR publication on the burials of Revolutionary War veterans and patriots in Virginia. Chapters should now use this combined master spreadsheet that will be frequently up-dated. By reviewing the spreadsheet, chapters can now determine what graves registrations should be prepared to provide Chairman Lyman the missing information. If registration completed forms provide missing data, they would be labelled "up-dates". If the veteran or patriot is not listed on the spreadsheet the form would be listed as a "new" submission. Column "P" on the spreadsheet indicates whether a previous Graves Registry form has been submitted through the VASSAR Chairman. The sources depicted on the spreadsheet are the combined sources of the JLARC Report and the supplement. For registering graves not located in Virginia the spreadsheet will of course not apply. .

You might also have information that would qualify for an update of some of the graves marked "YES".  For example, a photo of a tombstone or a GPS reading of a grave site previously registered.  You can reach Mike at: or 804-436-0206.

  • Master Spreadsheet of Revolutionary War Veterans and Patriots Buried In Virginia (Current as of: December 21, 2020)
  • Graves Registration and other forms can be found HERE