About this site:

For the sake of providing credit where credit is due, and to satisify the technical curiosity that we often get questions about, I am providing a little bit of information about this website. This site and its various components was built entirely by volunteers with many, many hours put behind it. The previous website served its purpose for many years, but it was decided that a more modern design, with a nod towards current and future viewing devices was necessary to keep VASSAR's online presence relevant.

The layout of the site is based on a theme that was graciously provided by the folks at www.templatemo.com, an open-source CSS template site. The template was then extensively customized to suite our needs. The backend code was written using PHP. Much of the dynamic content is served out from MySQL databases.

The website can be properly credited as follows:

  • Andy Doss - HTML, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP programming
  • Wayne Rouse - Data manager
  • Lance Lyngar - Facebook manager