The VASSAR Color Guard Welcomes You!

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The Virginia Society Color Guard has been formed as a service to the State Society and to its chapters. All members of the Virginia Society who are members of a Color Guard are considered to be members of the Virginia Society Color Guard, the Mid-Atlantic District Color Guard and the National Color Guard. Guardsmen may participate at any level or levels they wish at any time.

Color Guards serve as a very visible means of attracting the attention of the general public to the activities of the Society and add a note of color and bearing to our celebrations, both public and private. Frequently used to open and close meetings and ceremonies of the SAR, DAR, CAR and other organizations, they also participate in parades, memorial and commemoration services, grave markings, and other public events. Their attractive uniforms and colorful flags, sometimes accompanied by colonial style music bring favorable publicity to the Society. Color Guardsmen are frequently asked questions concerning their uniforms and equipment and have significant opportunities to educate the public on Revolutionary life, events and history.

In accordance with provisions found in Volume 3 of the Official Handbook of the Virginia Society, The Virginia Color Guard Committee is responsible for organizing the Virginia Society Color Guard, encouraging the creation of chapter Color Guards, scheduling participation by the Virginia Society Color Guard at chapter, state, regional or national events, and determining eligibility requirements for Bronze and Silver Color Guard Medals. Generally, three years of participation at the State or local level is required for the awarding of the Bronze Color Guard Medal. Additional participation at District and National levels is required for the awarding of the Silver Color Guard Medal.

The Virginia Society Color Guard is led by a Commander appointed by the President of the Virginia Society and is organized into three regions; Northern Virginia, Tidewater Virginia, and Western Virginia, each with a Regional Commander having responsibility for activities within their area of geographic area when the Virginia Society Commander is not present. The current Commander is Kenneth L. Bonner and his Adjutant is Paul Chase. The Regional Commanders are: Larry McKinley (Northern Virginia), Chris Melhuish (Tidewater), and Dennis Fritts (Western Virginia).

Consistent with the General Order of October 2, 1779, the official uniform of the Virginia Society Color Guard is a blue wool uniform coat with red facings, white wool or linen breeches or overalls (overalls preferred) and waistcoats, and a black tricorn hat with white trim (click HERE for more uniform information); however, militia hunting shirts with cocked, animal skin or round hats, or other colonial period clothing may be worn at any Color Guard event.

To encourage purchase of the Continental Line uniform, subject to the availability of funds in any year, the Color Guard Committee will reimburse Color Guardsmen $35.00 toward the purchase of an appropriate tricorn hat.

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